Sanonani – child protection and development Project

Project Summary
Sanonani project aims to provide the protection and development support to the most needy and At-Risk children of Nepal.
Project Start Date
September, 2022
Project End Date
December, 2025
Project Location
Kageswori Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu.
Targeted Beneficiaries
- 25

APEIRON established Sanonani children home in 2017 with technical and financial support from APEIRON ODV and Sanonani Italy to provide the protection and development support to the most needy and At-Risk children of Nepal. The children home is situated at Kageshowri Municipality ward number 6, Kathmandu. This project is directly contributing to reach Nepal’s children act 2018 for the clause 5: Children protection and reintegration.

The Sanonani project provides the residential and other services to 25 children from the different parts of the country with the age below 18 years. The children are selected based on the defined criteria and enrolled in Sanonani once after getting recommendation from relevant authorities. After enrollment children are provided for their immediate need such as food and shelter, medical check-up and treatment as per need, psychosocial assessment and counseling when required. Case files are maintained for individual child. Children are provided orientation on the services provided in the children home, rules they should follow, person they can contact in case of emergencies etc.

The team conducts meetings for discussing the child details and collected information are submitted to Management team. Protection and development needs; shelter, balanced diet, periodic health checkup, dress, education, recreation, psychosocial counseling services, skill development training to the elder children etc. are supported in regular basis.

Project gives priority for children reunification. In reunification process, project first makes family/community assessment and then reintegrates them in family or community to the best interest of children and also conducts regular follow up.

Benefeciary Selection Procedure

The children are enrolled in Sanonani based on the project defined criteria as below;

  • Orphan children,
  • Children that have been left or found abandoned in hospitals or other public places or separated from parents or left unclaimed, with the identity of their parents unknown
  • Deprived of appropriate care due to serious physical or mental disability or incapacity of their parents,
  • Out of the children in conflict with law, those who have been referred for alternative care under the diversion process,
  • Children who are staying in prison being dependent on their father or mother who is detained or imprisoned,
  • Infants born due to rape or incestuous relationships that are punishable by law and concerning whom application has been made to the child welfare authority, stating inability to maintain them,
  • Children who have been separated from their families for their best interests due to abuse, violence or neglect by their respective father, mother or guardian.

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