Apeiron believes in creating participatory programs that empower communities. We are close with our program participants- we know their names, family histories, past struggles, and hopes for the future. We take time to learn about communities and individuals so as to best respond to their concerns. We are in no rush to start or finish projects based on externally imposed deadlines.

We design programs such as income-generating skills training, based on the expressed needs of individuals, tempered by our years of experience and knowledge of market realities. For example, before we offer sewing training in our safe house, we ensure that participants understand the economic potential of opening their own business. We work holistically, understanding that no problem exists in a vacuum. Nepali women’s struggles with economic and personal stability are connected to gender roles, socio-cultural traditions, power hierarchies, family expectations, and geography. Therefore, we design and implement programs that enhance lives from all angles. From, technical to soft skills such as leadership, negotiation and awareness of one’s own rights.

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Through literacy, micro-enterprise, and vocational and life skills trainings, Apeiron fights against prejudice, violence, and inequality so that women can develop the skills to support themselves and their families. Women's empowerment is Apeiron’s ultimate goal.
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Alleviate Poverty Empowering Women in Rural Areas of Nepal (APEIRON) (महिला सशक्तीकरणद्वारा ग्रामीण नेपालको गरिबी निवारण) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit social organization established in the spirit of pure service registered in 2013 in Nepal.
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