New Shikshya

Project Summary
New Shikshya Project supports vulnerable children by providing access to quality education.
Project Start Date
August, 2020
Project End Date
July, 2022
Project Location
Targeted Beneficiaries
Vulnerable children and their families.
- 152

Project goals/objectives

To decrease Gender Based Violence by providing access to quality education to vulnerable children. Specific objectives of the project include:

  • To improve basic comprehensive education to vulnerable children by providing equal learning opportunities.
  • To create awareness on parenting roles and responsibilities among families for better quality education of their children by combating GBV.
  • To improve the quality education of the children at risk or vulnerable through educational tool by restoring their rights to play and to bridge the gap of Gender Stereotypes regarding games.

Major activities

  • Child Welfare Support (Education support, family support & health Support).
  • Community Intervention (Parenting Program).
  • Football Training.
  • Project management, monitoring and evaluation.

Intervention area link with APEIRON TOC

Rights awareness and Education Support 

Project Outcomes and Impact

  • 52 children of survivors or at risk attend formal school.
  • At least 40 families will participate in the parenting program and will increase awareness, knowledge on education, GBV and parenting.
  • 100 children will be aware about the rights to play.
Benefeciary Selection Procedure

The target group of the beneficiaries is the vulnerable children and their families. 

  • 52 children from the disadvantaged/marginalized families, single parents, female headed household, Gender based violence survivor mother, families of disabled and poor members who cannot afford quality education. At least 40 families of those 52 children will be participated in the parenting program.
  • 100 children aged 6 to 13 years from the 2 schools of Kathmandu will be selected for football training to ensure their rights to play.

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